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Herbal Medicine & Supplements

Herbal plants mix to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing of humans.

Herbal Powder

We provide finest quality of herbs and plant root powder, with maximum nutrients value

Vegetable & Fruit Powder

Wide range of vegetables and fruits powder to fulfill your daily vitamin need.

Organic Fresh Vegetables

Why People Choose Us


To ensure the highest quality, we search far and wide for farmers and suppliers. We build authentic relationships that allow us to bring quality products.​

Manufacturing Standards

For highest quality , we set highest standards. Quality assurance covers all aspects of production starting from material, premises, and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff.

Certified Organic

For best Organic products, we search far for organic farming and contracting with farmers at very early stage of farming to get 100% organic.

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Meet Prajapati
    Meet Prajapati


    I ordered B12 Powder. And I must say quality of B12 Powder is excellent. You can easily differentiate quality of AO's B12 Powder with other local market B12 Powder.

    Mansi Diwan
      Mansi Diwan


      Excellent quality product. You can feel real taste of jamun in Jamun slice.

      Vinay Pandey
        Vinay Pandey


        AO's B12 herbal medicine is excellent.

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